Top nutritional supplementation for animal mothers
Having and looking after a baby takes a lot out of the mother. She needs extra nutrients for the babies in her belly to develop and must continue to receive these through her diet for optimal milk production after they are born. If the mother lacks certain nutrients, the young will not grow as they should and she may reject them.
Colostrum for young animals
The first milk of mammals is completely unique. We call this milk colostrum. Colostrum is produced just before birth and clearly differs from normal milk. It is thicker, yellower and full of important proteins that are crucial for the new-born animal.
Rehydration: The right start for animal orphans
Do you need to hand-rear a young animal? Do not immediately give it a milk feed; instead, start with Rehydration Electrolyte Mix. Most orphaned animals are found in a stressed and dehydrated state, with or without signs of hypothermia. In this condition, the digestive system is unable to function correctly and these animals will not be able to digest milk properly.