Top nutritional supplementation for animal mothers
Top nutritional supplementation for animal mothers

My work at Melk voor Dieren means I often have to help people who find themselves forced to hand-rear young animals. Anything can go wrong with such little ones, and I have noticed that many of these problems are related to nutrition. Having and looking after a baby takes a lot out of the mother. She needs extra nutrients for the babies in her belly to develop and must continue to receive these through her diet for optimal milk production after they are born. If the mother lacks certain nutrients, the young will not grow as they should and she may reject them.

Keep the mother healthy with good nutrition and her young will also benefit

That is why I recommend giving the mother extra colostrum in addition to a good quality basic feed. Colostrum supplies different types of proteins, all of which are important building materials for the body. Colostrum also contains numerous important substances that fortify the mother’s immune system. Components such as lactoferrin, lactoperoxidase, IgA and other substances increase her resistance to illness. Colostrum also contributes to a good gut function.

Colostrum Therapy is the best colostrum available. It is made from high quality colostrum and has never been heated. Because it is cold processed, it contains higher concentrations of useful nutrients than other brands of colostrum.

Support the mother with Colostrum Therapy twice a day

A healthy mother is more likely to have a healthy nest. To keep her healthy, give a little Colostrum Therapy twice a day both during pregnancy and after she has given birth. You can easily sprinkle the powder over some canned food. You can also dissolve the powder in water or cat milk and give it to the mother that way. Most animals enjoy the taste.

Give pregnant or nursing dogs and cats 2.5 grams of Colostrum Therapy twice a day. Colostrum Therapy is also suitable for other mammals like ferrets, rabbits, raccoons and hedgehogs. Small nursing animals only need 1 gram of colostrum powder twice a day.

A 100g pot of Colostrum Therapy will last for approximately 3 weeks.

by Angela Kramer, Melk voor Dieren