Colostrum for young animals
Colostrum for young animals

The first milk of mammals is completely unique. We call this milk colostrum. Colostrum is produced just before birth and clearly differs from normal milk. It is thicker, yellower and full of important proteins that are crucial for the new-born animal. Colostrum contains 90 different substances, all of which offer a beneficial effect. These include antibodies that provide passive immunity, and growth factors that stimulate the development of the intestinal tract. In this way, colostrum protects the young animal against negative environmental factors.

Young animals that have a bad start in life and need to be (partially) fed by hand can benefit greatly from extra colostrum. That is why I recommend all young, orphaned mammals are fed milk with a little added colostrum powder. You might want to give kittens a mixture of 1 part Col-O-Cat and 5 parts kitten milk, for example. For puppies, you can use Col-O-Dog.

If you give colostrum as a supplementary feed and the animal also drinks milk from the mother, you can mix the colostrum powder with a little water.

But what about other animal species? Fortunately, colostrum is not species-specific. You can also give bovine colostrum to a lamb, rat or rabbit. Even in different species it will have beneficial effects for the digestive and immune systems. Colostrum is a general remedy suitable for all mammals; however, not all animal species can tolerate lactose.

Fortunately, the lactose content in Colostrum Therapy is quite low when compared to other brands. That’s what I like about SanoBest® products. They use top quality colostrum taken from the cow within 12 hours of a calf’s birth. As a result, the protein and nutrient quantities and quality are much higher than those of other brands. For a small animal, that makes a big difference!

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