MSM 100% Pure Horse 750 gram

MSM 100% PUUR provides a source of sulphur. Sulphur is necessary for the production of protein building blocks. It is also essential for antibody, collagen and cartilage production.

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Product description:
MSM 100% Pure can be used to prevent joint degeneration, support healthy joint  function, maintain joint flexibility, increase cartilage and collagen tissue production and formation, promote the manufacture of the building materials necessary for protein synthesis, and boost the generation of antibodies.

Target animal:
To support joint function, protein synthesis and antibody production in horses and ponies.

Instructions for use:
Unless otherwise advised by your vet:

Horse    : 2 x 10 grams per day
Pony     : 2 x 5 grams per day

Shake the pot before use.

Important information:
No side effects are associated with this product. MSM 100% Pure does not contain any (artificial) preservatives.

Keep in a cool, dry and dark place.

99,9% MSM.

750 gram pot.