Colostrum Therapy 100 gram

Colostrum Therapy is powder made from bovine (cow) colostrum from the first milking. This powder contains all the components of the original colostrum. Colostrum Therapy consists of freeze-dried colostrum powder. Colostrum is not heated during the production process and therefore contains high concentrations of natural components that stimulate good health.

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Product information:
Colostrum Therapy is a supplementary animal feed composed of bovine colostrum powder obtained from the first milking. Colostrum Therapy contains all of the active components in colostrum that have been collected through cold processing methods. Furthermore, this product is enriched with prebiotics that support optimal gut function.

Colostrum Therapy contains a number of well-known components that all feature a specific effect either individually or as a group. Components such as lactoferrin, lactoperoxidase, IgA and other substances increase the animal’s resistance to harmful bacteria and fungi. It also contains PRP (Proline-Rich-Peptide) to bring the immune system back into balance.

The most important features of Colostrum Therapy are:
- prebiotic action that promotes natural gut microbiota
- protects the intestinal wall
- improves gut function
- improves resistance to disease
- stimulates (natural) immunity

Colostrum Therapy contains nearly all the components required to bring your animal back to optimal health.

Instructions for use:
Dissolve Colostrum Therapy powder in lukewarm water and feed to your pet 2 x per day. Animals <25 kg 2 x 2.5 grams; animals >25 kg 2 x 5 grams.

Target animal:
Small pets, incl. dogs and cats.

Promotes healthy gut function, supports the immune system and increases resistance to disease.


Colostrum, fructo-oligosaccharides.

Analytical composition:
Raw protein 70%, ash 6.1%, fat 2.8%, cellulose 0%.

Important information:
Contains cow’s milk proteins and lactose.

Side effects:
This product is not associated with any side effects.

Keep cool and dry and in the original packaging. Shelf life: see packaging.

50, 100, 250 and 500 gram pots.