Colostrum Therapy

Colostrum is the first milk produced in mammals. Colostrum contains all the components that help a new-born through the first phase of life. Most of the components in colostrum also contribute to the health of older animals.

Bovine or cow colostrum can be used generically. That is, it is used as a nutritional supplement for all mammals.

Colostrum Therapy is bovine colostrum in powder form that has been enriched with a prebiotic. We collect the colostrum from which Colostrum Therapy is made from dairy farmers ourselves. Our collection program sends us throughout the Netherlands, collecting colostrum from the first milking.

We only collect surplus colostrum. The mother’s calf always takes priority as this is essential for its wellbeing. We collect and analyse the remaining colostrum for quality and report our findings to the supplying farmer. In this way, the dairy farmer always knows the quality of the colostrum that feeds a calf. If the colostrum from one or more cows appears to be low in quality, consultations are held with the veterinarian and feed advisor to find out how colostrum quality can be improved.

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