Col-O-Dog 250 gram

Col-O-Dog is used to increase your dog or puppy’s resistance to illness, support its immune system and promote gut function.

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Product description:
Col-O-Dog contains high concentrations of antibodies (IgG) and various other components that have a positive effect on the health of your dog or puppy. Col-O-Dog is made from the best quality colostrum available, obtained within 12 hours of calving. Col-O-Dog is used to increase the resistance of your dog or puppy, to support its immune system and improve intestinal function. You can also use Col-O-Dog to supplement mother’s milk in puppies.

Target animal:
Dogs and puppies.

Protein 73%, of which  IgG >35%, minerals 6%, fat 2.8%, water 2.5%, fibre 0%.

Instructions for use:
Dogs: dissolve 2.5 grams in water and feed to your dog morning and evening.
Puppies: dissolve one part Col-O-Dog with 5 parts water.

50, 150 and 250 gram pots.